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You want to proceed to a medical treatment not supported by the Interpersonal Security and / or by your shared?
Only right here, between the costs of involvement and those of possible hospitalization, the budget can quickly be higher.

A consumer credit score is perhaps the solution to achieve this health and fitness project or aesthetic without having to wait to have all the necessary cost savings.

Why fund your medical intervention having a credit?

Why finance your medical intervention with a credit?

The motives behind a “comfort” healthcare intervention are multiple:

  • You are complexed by your nose and think about rhinoplasty.
  • You already been shortsighted for years and want to do without your eyeglasses.
  • You are considering orthodontic treatments to find an ideal smile.
  • You do have a planned operation or medical center stay, and your health insurance strategy does not fully cover the extra fees.

Consumer credit adapts to your requirements, and has many advantages:

  • When the care is not really supported by the Health Insurance, or even only in part, it can rapidly come back expensive: you do not always have the budget to carry out the required intervention. Consumer credit will resolve this problem.
  • Withstand the temptation of damaged offers that can be found on the Web, which offer operations at unsurpassed prices abroad. It is easier to have surgery in Italy: safety comes first. You can get loans with repayment conditions that suit your situation.
  • A consumer credit might include all the costs related to your own intervention: cost of the treatment itself but also overruns, feasible hospitalization costs, etc .
  • Personal loans are beneficial because of their attractive interest rate.

With an usage credit, you can borrow as much as € 75, 000.

Health costs: just how much to borrow?

Health costs: how much to borrow?

Everything depends on the medical intervention you are thinking about:

  • For cosmetic surgery procedures: solely aesthetic treatments are completely the responsibility of the patient. Their particular amount differs according to the procedure:

    • Rhinoplasty: between 2, 000 plus 4, 000 €.
    • Intervention on unattached ears: between 1, 500 and 2, 000 €.
    • Breast prosthesis: between 2, 000 plus 6, 000 €.
    • Liposuction: between two, 000 and 4, 1000 €.
    • Raising: between 4, 000 plus 5, 000 €.
  • For dental care:

    • Dental equipment: among 500 and 2000 € every 6 months or more.
    • Dental implant: as much as 3, 000 €.
    • Dental prosthesis: as much as 2, 500 €.
  • For eye care:

    • Laser procedure: between 1, 500 plus 3, 500 € meant for both eyes.
    • Implants or ocular prostheses: between € 1, 500 and € 2, five hundred per eye.

Upstream, ask your mutual plus health insurance if they are able to care for part of the health costs. Existing them with an estimate from the planned intervention.

Some interventions can be backed by the Social Security, below conditions:

  • operation to correct loose hearing;
  • breast decrease, when the breast is really extremely important;
  • abdominoplasty, in situations where the pubis is included in the abdominal apron.

Inquire with all the Health Insurance.
Based on your mutual, you will have to pay the overruns, partly or totally.

Which credit to choose in order to finance your health costs?

Which credit to choose to finance your health costs?

To pay your health expenses, various kinds of loans are possible:

  • The appropriated credit: it makes it probable to finance the negotiation of an intervention, or of the specific good, which should be described in the contract. When the intervention did not take place, you will not be indebted for the monthly obligations of the credit.
  • Personal loan: this is the most utilized option. The amount of money lent can be utilized as you wish and you need not provide proof of your costs.
  • The spinning loan: with this loan, available to you a reserve of money, functional when you decide. As you make your own repayments, the reserve rebuilds and you continue to have access to this.

Interest: the credit allocated will not allow to finance visual operations or comfort.

According to practitioners plus cities, prices for the same treatment can vary enormously. This is especially true pertaining to orthodontic care:

  • Remember to have quotations made by several practitioners before you begin caring procedures.
  • Feel free to roam the metropolitan areas around you to find the best value for money.
  • If the CHU in your town has a good reputation, have you considered getting treatment? Rates could be up to 2 times cheaper.

How to get yourself a personal credit for your healthcare intervention?

How to obtain a personal credit for your medical intervention?

Our credit comparator allows you to choose the mortgage offer that fits a person, easily and transparently:

Just specify just how much you need for your health expenses, and how long you want to spend. Find the best rates negotiated in our partners, free minus commitment. The organization from which you are going to take the credit will need these documents to build your file (non-exhaustive list):

  • a proof of address associated with less than 3 months;
  • a valid proof of identity;
  • your last 3 or more statements of accounts;
  • your last 3 or more payslips.

The supporting documents to become provided may differ slightly based on the establishment. After signing the particular personalized loan offer, you might have 14 calendar days in order to exercise your right associated with withdrawal.

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Mini loan without credit bureau /mini-loan-without-credit-bureau/ /mini-loan-without-credit-bureau/#respond Thu, 12 Sep 2019 10:03:35 +0000 ( more... )]]>

Are there any loans without a Credit bureau query?

Are there any loans without a Credit bureau query?

In the memory of consumers has burnt down permanently, that the one who applies for a loan is also checked in advance on the Credit bureau. Who then needs a loan and has to reckon with bad creditworthiness, it is usually very difficult to get an offer from a bank. But there are also consumers who do not approve of forwarding a loan request to Credit bureau for a variety of reasons. If you need a loan for a variety of reasons, you can now access offers that do not require a Credit bureau request. The following will be discussed again in detail.

What special features apply to small loans without Credit bureau query?

What special features apply to small loans without Credit bureau query?

Those who want to understand the special conditions for small loans without Credit bureau must understand how the bank lends and which risk factors play a role and how the risk of default is calculated. For a bank, the default risk increases with the term and amount of the loan and, of course, the client’s solvency.

It can be said that with increasing maturity and loan amount the solvency of the customer has to be getting better and better so as not to increase the default risk. If the bank incurs a default risk, it will only lend the loan at a higher interest rate. The interest thus always includes a risk component in addition to the costs for the financing and the profit premium. For a bank, a loan is nothing more than the comparison of a probability of default on the one hand and the compensation by an adequate interest on the other hand.

If a bank lends a loan without first obtaining a credit check on the Credit bureau, then it will reduce the risk either over a short term and or a relatively small loan amount.

Short term

Short term

So far, loans have always been awarded in connection with information about the Credit bureau. For some years, however, there are also credit institutions, the loans in a limited amount and with low duration even without such a query. Such offers can be found primarily at smaller institutions that have focused on the execution of such services. There are several reasons why institutes from the EU environment are becoming more active in Germany.

On the one hand, German consumers are considered to be significantly more solvent, and on the other, Germany is the most populous country in the European Union. The offer is aimed primarily at people who want to get a quick loan commitment to bridge a short cash shortage. The application process is comparable to that of a “normal” loan – in other words, the customer must first register.

This is followed by an internal scoring, ie the customer makes a few statements about his income. Thus, the bank can still perform a solvency assessment in the background, it is just not queried directly at the Credit bureau. If the application is then approved in the background system of the bank, nothing stands in the way of a quick loan payment.

No entry for small loan

No entry for small loan

Those who procure a short-term microcredit on this way have the advantage that they do not appear in a credit bureau. After all, the submission of a credit request for further inquiries also means that one or more loans have already been issued here. And with each additional loan, the default probability for a bank rises.

In addition, credit requests or existing loans are still noted for a certain period in the credit agency itself after repayment. And any unregistered loan – whether it is still existing or already repaid – will cause the scoring value to worsen. So if you want to plug a short-term liquidity shortage with the help of a small loan without Credit bureau, then you are on the right side with this type of loan.

What effects does the increased interest rate have on smaller loans?

What effects does the increased interest rate have on smaller loans?

As mentioned earlier, smaller loans are usually issued with a higher interest rate. Conversely, the term is also significantly shortened and in the fewest cases you will find offers with a term greater than one year. In fact, the microcredit can even be cheaper in terms of the absolute interest rate than a normal installment loan.

Here is a short example:
Accepted is a small loan of € 1,000 at an interest rate of 7% and a term of 12 months. Since the loan over the 12 months should also be repaid in full, so are on average to 500 euros to pay interest. In our example, that would be 35 euros. Compared to an installment loan of the same amount but with a term of 24 months, for example, an interest rate of approximately 3.5% is to be expected. In the first year, the average is 750 euros, in the second year, 375 euros. That makes 28.13 euros in the first year and 14.06 euros in the second year. In total, the longer-term loan in the same amount thus comes to 42.19 euros and is thus slightly more expensive than the higher-interest loan. It should be noted, however, that a quick repayment may not be possible for everyone within a year and therefore the longer term could be interesting.

Five tips for finding a small loan

Five tips for finding a small loan

Pay attention to the interest

The interest rates for a loan without Credit bureau are well above the interest on a installment loan. But you should not be put off and it may be worthwhile to pay a higher interest rate. The reason for this is that, in contrast to a normal installment loan, the term is longer and thus more interest is paid there in total, even though the interest rate was reported to be lower pa.

It is advisable to compare several offers for small loans, because here too there are significant differences.

You can not miss a legitimation

Even if the small loan without Credit bureau information generates no entry into the Credit bureau and is not queried here. If you apply for a loan, you always have to legitimize yourself. How the legitimacy has to look determines the lending bank, but usually a video legitimacy is made. This is fast and can be done directly on the laptop or tablet. Legitimation is usually the last step of the loan application and the loan is then paid out directly.

Short maturities and quick eradication

A small loan should also serve only to bridge a short-term liquidity bottleneck. This means that the repayment is usually very fast. In contrast to the installment loan, in which a higher sum is paid out and the rates are kept small by extending the repayment, the repayment is usually made after one year. If the liquidity bottleneck continues, one should consider whether a installment loan is the better alternative.

A small loan is not issued without conditions

Who believes that the bank does not conduct a credit check, just because the Credit bureau query is omitted, is wrong! Of course, the bank will examine the information provided by the borrower and, if necessary, evaluate it against its own scoring system.

The advantage is only that just not checked against the Credit bureau file and thereby no entry is made in the register. If you use several loans and more often install installment loans, you do not run the risk that the Credit bureau score will continue to deteriorate.

Small loans are usually issued by smaller specialized banks

The big credit institutions in Germany do not issue small loans. That’s why consumers should not be surprised if the supplier banks have unknown names. These are banks specializing in the allocation of this particular type of loan. And even if these are banks from other EU countries – every credit institution active in EU-Europe meets minimum legal standards.

So the borrower does not have to worry that he came across a dubious offer here. If you are not sure about the bank, you can find out from BaFin whether the bank has an authorization there.

  • small loan without Credit bureau
  • second credit
  • bridging loan
  • Credit with mini-job or part-time job
  • The small loan
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Small Credit In An Online Payment System /small-credit-in-an-online-payment-system/ /small-credit-in-an-online-payment-system/#respond Thu, 29 Aug 2019 22:17:08 +0000 ( more... )]]>

Is an immediate credit possible? Which providers are offered an instant loan? There is a substantial difference between a conventional installment loan granted as a small loan and a small loan immediately: the duration of the transfer of the borrowed money. The processing time and transfer takes several days for a normal loan. In this case there is no free option for immediate withdrawals and usually the money will be credited to your account within a few days without immediate bank transfer.

Credit with Online payment system: From Coolcredit, Expressfot!

Credit with Online payment system: From Coolcredit, Expressfot!

To what extent are there loans with immediate transfer? The instant loan is not a protected term, but only the indicator that a loan with immediate transfer is immediately available. You can borrow immediately and virtually without long approval procedures. They have in common that they rebook a loan within a few moments or even a few weeks to the account of the existing customer.

As a rule, immediate loans are needed for consumption. Installment payments are usually issued or allowed for an additional fee. Especially in online trading, money transfer is increasingly required before the goods are launched. No wonder, then, that companies with a specialization in instant transfers are now available.

As an example, the company Sofrgoud is called here. There the buyers can order the payments via a Online payment system. de and the mail-order company immediately informs that the credit is on the way. Instant transfers. de can in principle act as a fully authorized person, has access to the complete account history and can initiate transfers himself.

Again, this is not a loan.

Again, this is not a loan.

The principle of instant bank transfer is the same for all providers: a loan is rewritten within a few or a few weeks. The provider Online payment systemen. De certifies online merchants the creditworthiness of their customers. 2. For most providers, this service can not be offered until the borrower has already registered with the company.

The credits can only be issued and transferred after completion of the credit check and the personal identification procedure. There are also providers who can serve new customers with this service. Although there are providers who give an immediate promise even without credit bureau information, but here is still a long way to the immediate transfer.

This gives an immediate commitment as to whether the person in question is rated as creditworthiness, but the loan itself is granted by the lenders. In addition, an additional fee is often charged. This fee is intended to compensate for the costs and additional costs of accelerated processing. In addition, instant loans hardly have a low effective interest rate.

The creditworthiness of the borrower must therefore be sufficient, which can be demonstrated in a few moments. These three providers can help! With an express processing and a fast transfer, the provider Viloan advertises both new and existing customers. It should be noted that the fees for new customers at least 39 USD and for existing customers at least 75 USD and the maximum payment amount for existing customers is only 600 USD.

A transmission can be carried out by SMS-credit within 10 min. If this is already exhausted, there is a bad chance of a loan amount from Viloan. Thanks to various technological tools, such as Verify-U’s email identification, it is possible to identify people as quickly as possible so that new customers can make transfers within 24 hours.

For this service, however, a flat rate of 15 USD will be charged. The annual percentage is 14.9 percentage points, another 0.9 points higher than Viloan’s. The small loan provider Venture Capital AG also offers express transfers. The fee is 39 USD and the annual percentage is 13.9%. This makes them a better proposition for existing customers than Viloan, as there are no additional costs for express processing.

They are included in the 39 USD for the express transfer. New customers can use this service thanks to the Skypes video feature. The microloan microcredit provider also allows for urgent transfers. The fee is 39 USD and the annual percentage is 13.9%. This makes them a better service to existing customers than Viloan, as there are no additional charges for express processing.

They are included in the 39 USD for the express transfer. New customers can use this service thanks to the Skypes video feature. Lenders with a maturity of more than 12 months can often offer immediate settlement, but it may take a few days for the actual transfer to occur. A faster transmission is always associated with mini credit providers with increased costs.

It does not matter whether the borrowers were new or existing customers. The cheapest is probably the provider for this loan. Terms like “instant” are always relative terms. Of course, we try to process your request as soon as possible, but if you are a new customer, you can wait 24 hours.

An immediate transfer incurs additional costs for a period of 24 hours.

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Credit Search – Find Cheap Loans Online /credit-search-find-cheap-loans-online/ /credit-search-find-cheap-loans-online/#respond Fri, 09 Aug 2019 10:04:36 +0000 ( more... )]]>

At any time, both private and business acquisitions may be necessary. Or the opportunity is cheap and you have the chance to get a bargain. However, the required liquidity is not always available, which is why financing is being considered. First, then the amount to be financed is calculated.

This depends crucially on the purchase price and the own funds that can be made available. There may also be actions by manufacturers of electronic devices, furniture, cars or motorcycles. When considering whether to finance a home or condominium, further criteria are added (development potential, need for restructuring, fixed interest rates, the location will become more attractive in the future).

Sometimes there is no specific object for a loan request, it just requires a financial headroom. Or it should be found for a pre-existing expensive loan a cheaper alternative.

As diverse as the reasons for a search for a loan can be, so extensive is the offer on the market. Now it is important to get an overview of which types of credit there are. Which loan is best suited for the individual requirements?

To shed some light on the credit jungle, various types of loans are highlighted below:

Company loans

Company loans

Those who are employed often have the option of obtaining a loan from their employer. This is certainly the cheapest form of a loan. Employers use this tool for employee retention. As an employee, you have no problem as long as you have a harmonious employment relationship.

The moment a separation occurs, the employer loan is usually due. This leads to the urgent need to search for alternatives.

Cash advances (credit line, framework credit)

Cash advances (credit line, framework credit)

These are individually granted credit lines on the checking account, which can be used as required. Condition for the height is a regular monthly income. Cash advances are suitable for bridging short-term financial bottlenecks. Interest rates are generally higher than installment loans (between 7% and 14%).

Installment loan

Installment loan

The majority of loans in Germany are installment loans. A loan amount of up to 50,000 euros can be chosen. The loan is paid in monthly installments. Either the monthly maximum possible rate can be determined and from this the repayment period can be calculated. Or the repayment period is determined and from this the monthly rate is calculated.

The loan amount to be paid is calculated from the loan amount plus the agreed interest. Note the effective annual interest rate, which takes into account the compound interest effect (the nominal annual interest rate is the annual amount that the bank will charge for lending). At the end of each year, however, the existing remaining balance is reinvested.

Conventionally, installment loans were granted by banks. There are now many other lenders, such as automakers, dealers, individuals.

Special features of the car financing

Special features of the car financing

When buying a car, there are alternative financing options to the installment loan. This can be interesting if the purchase price is very high. In this case, the installment loan quickly reaches financially affordable limits.

An amount of 20,000 euros, financed to 60 months, means a monthly rate of 359.80 euros with an effective interest rate of 3.09%. This must be done monthly in addition to all other expenses. Alternatively, to reduce the monthly rate, the term could be increased. However, then the loss in value and repair costs of the vehicle must be considered.

As an alternative, banks offer a so-called “gallon financing”. This means that a car will be financed over a period of 3 to 4 years and will end up with a final installment. The advantage of gallon financing is significantly lower monthly rates. An amount of 20,000 euros, financed with an effective interest rate of 3.09% to 60 months, resulting in a final rate of 10,000 euros, a monthly rate of 208.60 euros.

Three-way financing

Three-way financing

This is based on the gallon financing. At the end of the term, the borrower has the option to buy, refinance or return the vehicle to the dealer at the residual value.

Finance alternative leasing

Finance alternative leasing

For lease financing, monthly installments are paid over a period of 3 to 4 years. At the end of the lease, the lessee has the option of purchasing the vehicle at the agreed residual value or returning it to the car dealer. Then the vehicle was rented until the end of the leasing period.



A loan is a long-term loan with a repayment agreement. The loan is usually used for higher sums and long maturities (eg home equity financing).

Requirements for borrowing

Requirements for borrowing

No matter which type of loan is ultimately chosen, borrowing is always conditional. So, the borrower must be at least 18 years old. A sufficient creditworthiness must be given. The more creditworthy the claimant is, the lower the interest rates. The lender may require additional collateral.

Tips for searching for credit

Tips for searching for credit

Compare financing offers exactly

Whatever type of loan is sought, numerous comparison portals on the Internet offer help. After entering the basic data (loan amount, maturity, usage), the advantages and disadvantages of a loan are clearly displayed.

The criteria are fast payment, acceptance rate, special repayments possible, free total redemption possible, digital degree or post-ID procedure.

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Balance dip? Borrow money quickly /balance-dip-borrow-money-quickly/ /balance-dip-borrow-money-quickly/#respond Sun, 04 Aug 2019 10:14:22 +0000 ( more... )]]>

It happens to everyone sometimes. An expensive month that ensures that you are short of budget. You are dealing with a balance dip. Although you probably survive this yourself, there are all kinds of fixed costs that cannot wait. It is then important that you can quickly find an easy solution for this. You can, for example, request a mini-loan. These types of loans are also referred to as flash credit. It is meant to quickly close a gap that you are confronted with so that your life can continue to run. For example with the help of a balance dip.

Loan provider

Loan provider

That it is about a balance dip is not randomly chosen. At it is possible to take out mini loans. This means that any amount from one hundred euros to fifteen hundred euros can be obtained quickly by applying for a loan. You can then repay this in installments between fifteen and 62 days. While you can receive the money in your account within 24 hours after the application has been approved. This can be arranged quickly because Ferratum, the parent company of has many years of experience in this industry.

Apply online

Apply online

It is easy to request a mini-loan online via the website. You can actually arrange everything in one go. You can upload all the documents that are required from your side. You can therefore have all the contact proceed digitally. The application form that you will find on the website is also very easy to set up. This means that making the application does not have to take more than a few minutes. You enter the amount and duration of your loan and complete this with some personal information and then you are ready.

Payment for borrowing

Payment for borrowing

It will not surprise you that you have to pay a fee for the loan amount. This is no more than normal. You also pay interest on other loans. You may have read here and there that the mini-loan fees are very high and that this can be a problem. However, this only applies if you always have money shortages. When you are confronted with an unexpected setback, this is of course not the same. For example, if you borrow three hundred euros for a term of thirty days, the reimbursement will be just over three euros. This is simply manageable for many people.

Reasons for a mini loan

Reasons for a mini loan

A mini loan is especially useful to be able to pay for unexpected expenses. For example, consider a situation in which your car breaks down. Suppose this entails a thousand euros in repair costs. When you are highly dependent on your vehicle you cannot say no. But you do need the money. In such situations, a mini loan can be the right solution. Also consider, for example, a washing machine, dishwasher or dryer that suddenly fails. In such cases you need money to be able to purchase a new machine. After all, your household cannot come to a standstill.

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First mini loan – Payday loan online /first-mini-loan-payday-loan-online/ /first-mini-loan-payday-loan-online/#respond Tue, 16 Jul 2019 22:35:22 +0000 ( more... )]]>

Why even record a mini loan?

Why even record a mini loan?

Take a mini loan A valid question! For customers with bad creditworthiness, the Bankate on Nowbank also offers mini loans. The lender grants these loans in small amounts with short maturities as short-term help with financial bottlenecks. Special requests cost a lot of money with mini-credits.

Mini-Credit Austria: 5 top providers of payday loans in Austria

In some cases, you just need a little cash, which can be quickly raised with mini-credits. Mini-credits are not large amounts, but three-digit or small four-digit. There are also Austrian providers who provide these payday loans. Below you will find the best 5 mini-credit Austria providers.

Advantage of mini-credits: mini-loans up to 1,500 USD and micro-credits from 3,500 USD. Mini-Credits up to 1,500 $: Everything goes very quickly here. If you have registered (online) and have entered all information completely, the credit is usually within 10-30 minutes to have. The company awards mini-credits of 15 or 30 days duration and a maximum of 600 USD.

The regular net proceeds must be at least 700 USD and the applicant must be domiciled in Germany. Microcredits are increasingly being awarded in Austria. The payday loan will be replaced, as it were, quickly. Credits from $ 3,500: You can apply for a loan from ERSTE starting at $ 3,500. However, the lowest possible period for the FIRST is 36 months, which is 3 years.

FOURTH: PSK With the SIMPLE online loan, you can apply for a loan from 4,000 USD. The period is variable (12 to 120 months). A processing fee will not be charged and the commitment will usually be made promptly after the credit check. The special plus point of BAWAG: Early full repayment is possible.

The installment credit of Metabank can be applied for from an amount of 5,000 $. The repayment rate is fixed and the terms are between 12-84 years.

Cash per mini loan: Now up to 1500 USD mini credit for existing customers!

Cash per mini loan: Now up to 1500 USD mini credit for existing customers!

By expanding the loan offer, Viloan is taking into account the increased demands of the growth market and the competitive situation face-to-face the providers Seedcash, Furebank and Nowcredit. All these companies have been giving their customers a higher loan amount for some time – up to 3,000 USD. So far, Viloan was the only one who confined himself to the “classic” 600-USD mini-credit.

But that’s over now. What other changes in the offer? Whether the previous credit conditions are still valid, however, must be shown. This is an unfortunate answer to the request, which must be answered with a “no” for this loan. First of all, it is noticeable that Viloan does not make any changes to its credit card computer on its website.

The mini-loan calculator will continue with the already mentioned 600 USD. A little further back, the first reason for this can be found in the wording in which the innovation of the 1500-USD mini-loan is “presented”. There is a title that is “free offer”. One wonders why Viloan makes the effort, on request, a “non-binding offer” for a $ 1,500 payday loan to make.

This is very simple: The credit note is subject to additional costs! Simply put, if you look at Nowum’s new General Terms and Conditions, you will find in the fee tables that with the extension of the line of credit, the additional costs have been “revised”. With this 1500 USD credit available now:

Installment fee (according to Howen bank from 600): 2 installment payment (optional): super transaction (preferred settlement & express payment) – (optional): Basically, this pricing is not unusual in itself. Above all, since other competitors also “hold their hands” on the charges for the extended loan offer for existing customers.

Together with the still high interest rates, these loan offers are still much more expensive than cash. Because in the story Viloan was characterized by justice and openness. Sooner or later, it was feared that Viloan would have to pay for the increased loan amounts of competitors for some time.

The current lending of up to 1,500 USD is nothing “earth shattering”. However, it is unusual that this loan can not be applied for “formally” via the online loan calculator, but can respond to a non-binding quote on request. You are not very enthusiastic about your loan offer and the related price structure and would like to try it out first?

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61000 Euro credit – from 530 Euro per month – with instant confirmation /61000-euro-credit-from-530-euro-per-month-with-instant-confirmation/ /61000-euro-credit-from-530-euro-per-month-with-instant-confirmation/#respond Mon, 01 Jul 2019 09:42:12 +0000 ( more... )]]>

61000 euro credit makes such projects or wishes possible. For example, at some point an apartment simply has to be renovated in the core. Or you want to renovate a house before moving in. Maybe you also dream of a world tour.

Only: Under what conditions can you get a loan of 61000 Euro? And which runtime is recommended? As the following lines illustrate, it is important to find the right compromise.

61000 Euro record – short info

  • To borrow 61000 euros of free credit is no small thing
  • A very good credit rating and collateral qualify for lending
  • Big credit is not everywhere and equally cheap for everyone
  • First compare all interesting loans at a glance
  • Request your non-binding personal loan offer immediately afterwards

61000 Euro Credit: 84 months are a good term

61000 Euro Credit: 84 months are a good term

For a loan of 61000 Euro 84 months (7 years) are a good term. The monthly installments start at 793.96 euros. The offer comes from Puribank. The corresponding effective interest rate is 2.59 percent.

But beware: If your credit rating is not convincing, the interest rate can climb to 7.59 percent. If you want a safe bank for interest rates, General Public Service Bank has made the right offer for you.

The 61,000 euro loan is generally awarded at an effective interest rate of 4.95 percent. The monthly rate is then already 857.62 euros. However, some banks besides Puribank offer a suitable loan, even with lower interest rates. The Bank should therefore be your last stop.

And not your first.

Credit of 61000 euros: The problem of shorter maturities

Credit of 61000 euros: The problem of shorter maturities

It’s understandable that you do not want to pay off your € 61,000 loan over 7 years (84 months). With shorter terms, however, the rates rise immensely.

As an example: If you go to 5 years (60 months), the best offer still comes from Puribank. The monthly rate is now 1084.20 euros.

That’s about 300 euros more than a seven-year term. You would pay about 3600 euros more per year. Over the five years, you will be charged almost € 18,000 more – more than a quarter of the actual loan amount.

61000 Euro Credit: The difficult balance act with longer maturities

61000 Euro Credit: The difficult balance act with longer maturities

But you may also be heading the other way: you say that the installments for a loan of 61,000 euros at 84 months are already too high. You therefore want to choose a longer duration. Here you have to choose a difficult balance act.

For example, if you go to 108 months (9 years), the best possible rate is 670.07 euros. Although that sinks so around 120 euros. However, the effective interest rate rises to 3.95 percent in the best case. You pay one percent more interest for two more years.

1.0 percent is € 61000 is € 610 and this per year. The credit costs rise accordingly.

Tip: Do not take the 61000 Euro credit alone

Tip: Do not take the 61000 Euro credit alone

If you read this, you are probably worried that your credit rating will not be enough for the best possible APR. Therefore do not take the loan alone. Several borrowers improve the credit rating. Alternatively, you can also get a guarantor.

So you make sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises in the interest rates.

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