1 large cap stock, 1 mid cap stock with the highest dividend yield, do you own them?

1.Vedanta Ltd

It has a strong dividend yield of 17.05%. The company has a strong dividend tracking report and the company declared a strong stock dividend of 4500% equivalent to Rs 45 per share earlier this year in March. The current market price of the share is Rs 263.95. The company declares a dividend since 2001. The current market price of the share is Rs 263.95 with a high of 52 weeks at Rs 440.75 each and a low of 52 weeks at Rs 242 each. Vedanta Ltd is a company with strong finances. The PE is 5.22 which is lower than the sector’s PE of 6.62 while the EPS is 50.58. The market capitalization is Rs 98,115 crore. Brokers also improved their recommendation for the stock. Investors can definitely consider this stock to add to their portfolio.

Company presentation: Its annual revenue growth is recorded at 48% and it exceeded its CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 11.97%. Its operating income jumped 41% to Rs 39,342 crore for the financial year 2022. In addition, the company’s board of directors approved an interim dividend of Rs 31.5 per share for the financial year 2022 -23. It said the highest every quarterly Ebitda hitting 51% year-on-year at 13,768 crore. The company has an excellent return on investment with an ROE of 25.10% over 3 years.

About Vedanta: Vedanta Limited, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Limited, is one of the world’s leading oil, gas and metals companies with significant operations in oil and gas, zinc, lead, silver, copper, iron ore, steel and aluminum and electricity across India. , South Africa and Namibia, according to its website.

2. Power Finance Company

2. Power Finance Company

It has an exceptional dividend yield of 12.13%. For the current year, the company has declared a 120% dividend equivalent to Rs 12 per share. The company has an excellent dividend history and has been declaring dividends regularly for the past 5 years. The current market price of the stock is Rs 98 with a 52-week high and low at Rs 153 each and 98 each, respectively. The company uses its capital efficiently to generate profits. The stock has hit its lowest level in 52 weeks and this may be an ideal opportunity for investors to invest in the stock. The PE is 1.86 which is lower than the sector PE of 3.14 while the EPS is 53.08. The market capitalization is 26,110 crore.

Company presentation: It recorded a 10% increase in its consolidated net profit to Rs 4,295 crore in the March quarter amid higher revenues. Meanwhile, total revenue for the quarter jumped to Rs 18,873.55 crore from Rs 18,155.14 crore reported in the same period a year ago.

About the company? Power Finance Corporation Limited is a non-depository NBFC registered with the RBI as an infrastructure finance company. It extends financial assistance to India’s power sector.



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