Adam Pearce on the personal changes he saw in Cody Rhodes

WWE Resident Authority Figure Adam Pearce appeared on The WWE Bump this week in order to reflect on the differences between Cody Rhodes now and during his last run with WWE.

Adam Pearce was in the company near the end of Cody’s WWE run and was able to witness the final version of his time as Stardust. He worked closely with Dusty Rhodes during this time and he believes the American Nightmare now embraces his father’s legacy.

“You know the interesting thing just outside watching I dealt with Dusty at the Performance Center like you mentioned and he was incredibly kind to his time and helped me immeasurably. same time when I first joined WWE Cody was still there and then he left for a while,” Adam Pearce said. “The Cody I see now is a completely different person. more confidence, I see an artist who is 100% sure of themselves, and I think they have embraced everything they may have avoided in the past.

Ever since Cody Rhodes returned to WWE, he’s made it clear he’s happy to talk about his dad, with the American Dream becoming part of his storyline. Rhodes is trying to become a world champion for him and the sky is now the limit for him when it comes to Adam Pearce.

“Maybe that’s the wrong word, but there’s that shadow, right? Imagine being the son of Dusty Rhodes, imagine walking in that shadow your whole life and it’s almost like, now – and Cody said on Monday, he’ll never be the American dream, so might as well embrace the nightmare,” said Pearce. “So he fully did that and I think, again, the sky is the limit to be cliché. But Cody Rhodes is a force to be reckoned with and Seth Rollins finds out now, and we’ll see what happens at Hell In A Cell.

Cody Rhodes will enter the Hell In A Cell structure in the upcoming premium live event for his third match with Seth Rollins, in what is currently expected to be the main event.

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