Callisto protocol developers are working 12-15 hour days to reach December release

Glen Schofield is a fairly recognized name in the gaming industry. He ran the now-defunct Visceral Games for several years, where he helmed the cult survival horror title Dead Space. He co-founded Sledgehammer Games and helmed various Call of Duty games. And more recently, he created his own team, Striking Distance Studios under Korean holding company Krafton.

With this new team, the veteran studio head leads the development of The Callisto Protocol, a highly anticipated survival horror project that many consider the spiritual successor to Dead Space. The game is expected to launch by the end of the year and, according to Schofield, the team is working 12 to 15 hours a day, six to seven days a week to achieve this goal.


This tweet has since been deleted. It soon faced a lot of backlash from journalists and industry developers, who expressed disdain at the apparent celebration of “crunch culture”. Crunch culture is an increasingly important topic in the game development industry. Developers working constant overtime were considered commonplace, especially as a game neared its release date. However, over the years, after reports of burnout and exodus from the field, there has been an industry-wide pushback to ensure developers have a more balanced work-life dynamic. .

Many took issue with Schofield’s tweet, as it appeared to be eulogizing. endorse and encourage long hours and working through illness and exhaustion, with phrases like “It’s a game” and “You do it because you love it.” He specifically stated that no one was forced to work as hard, however, it was stated that the crunch culture manifested itself more implicitly, as an internal team responsibility to try as hard as everyone else , and not to fall. late on schedule.

Callisto Protocol marked its December release date in June, and the studio has yet to change that, but the game is still far enough away that a delay can’t be ruled out. The long hours put in by the development team means the game could still require a significant amount of work. Recently, Striking Distance CTO Mark James revealed that Callisto Protocol plans to have 4 years of content after release, with the studio heavily invested in future DLC. The team behind the game deliberately left the game open to future content by making it “expandable”.

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