Hang Seng Launches Cross-Border High Dividend Yield Index

The benchmark index targets investors seeking improved returns in a low interest rate environment

Hang Seng Indexes Company launched the Hang Seng Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong (Selected Corporations) High Dividend Yield Index, which aims to reflect the overall performance of high yield companies listed in Hong Kong or Mainland China and operating in Mainland China . , Hong Kong or Macao.

Given the low interest rate environment and uneven economic recovery, many investors are exploring pivotal investment strategies, which have sparked growing interest in high yield products.

To help investors better navigate the dynamic economic environment, the new index is made up of leading companies that have exhibited relatively lower price volatility and a persistent dividend payment history over the past three years. exercises, with the aim of providing a benchmark for investors who are seeking improved returns to build an income-oriented investment portfolio. As of July 30, 2021, the simulated dividend yield of the index was 8.4%.

The index is calculated and disseminated in real time at two-second intervals.

Daniel Wong, Director and Index Director of Hang Seng Indexes Company, said: “In the face of recent market volatility, the Hang Seng Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong (Selected Corporations) High Dividend Yield Index is designed to provide onshore investors and offshore a diversified investment strategy to achieve return objectives by being exposed to a wide range of listed companies with relatively lower price volatility.

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