IPFS Mining Hero Announces New Mining Launch

BEIJING, September 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Recently, IPFS Mining Hero announced the launch of a new mining app. IPFS Mining Hero is one of the best bitcoin cloud mining sites.

Contrary to popular myth, cryptocurrencies do not happen on their own. They are extracted using computer calculations. However, it was a lot easier to do ten years ago, and miners (users engaged in mining) were making a lot more. The point is, the complexity of mining cryptocurrency keeps increasing. There are more and more people who want to earn money this way. As a result, the number of parts not extracted decreases and the complexity of the network increases. Solo mining on personal equipment has long ceased to be profitable and cloud mining has taken its place. This article will highlight the best cloud mining sites, how to choose a provider, how to get started, and how much users can earn.

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining is a method of mining cryptocurrency in which an investor and a supplier enter into a mining contract. The companies offer rental contracts of various volumes of capacity. The duration of the lease is also determined in advance in the contract. Using the power of the rented equipment, the user receives crypto coins, and the difference between the cost of the cloud contract and the cost of the mined coins constitutes his profit.

Thus, revenues depend directly on the volume of facilities rented: the more facilities users rent, the more users can earn. Cloud mining allows users to access more computing power than their own hardware would provide. In addition, cloud mining reduces financial risks: the miner does not need to spend money to buy equipment, a cooling system, pay electricity bills, etc. He can also calculate the potential profit using the profitability calculator and select a contract for a particular amount. Soon, users will choose their best cloud mining site.

1. IPFS mining hero

IPFS Mining Hero is a cloud mining hardware sharing platform from Bit Mining, founded in 2016 in China and based in Beijing. Bit Mining manufactures Bitcoin mining hardware under the Bitminer brand and is a pioneer in the field of specialized devices called ASICs. This is why it is one of the best cloud bitcoin mining sites.

This company also cooperates with the largest cryptocurrency mining pools in the world: Bitpool and BTC.com. IPFS Mining Hero relieves users of all the hassle of purchasing and maintaining their own mining equipment. Purchasing a contract allows users to mine digital currencies and earn income from them.

With the IPFS Mining Hero platform, users can mine potential cryptocurrencies such as IPFS (FIL).

Benefits of the IPFS mining hero

– IPFS Mining Hero partners with one of the largest mining pools

– The average return on investment is 100 days

– Users can choose a pool for mining

– Customers from 165 countries around the world

– Affiliate program

2. The mining of genesis

Genesis Mining is an online cloud mining portal that delivers hashing power without purchasing or maintaining equipment or wasting time setting up software. It is one of the best cryptocurrency cloud mining sites. Customers are encouraged to accept rental of capacities up to 25,000 GHz / s for mining Bitcoin, Dash, Monero and other popular cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Thanks to this, users can earn income from mining without large investments and without knowing all the nuances of cryptocurrency mining. In addition, the online service provides services not only to individual users but also to large companies. The project has three components: cloud mining, algorithmic trading and proprietary software.

The Genesis Mining website has been translated into 21 languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, and others. This is a testament to the company’s loyalty to miners around the world. The portal interface is convenient and easy to use for experienced miners and beginners. The organization serves over two million clients in over one hundred countries. Historically, the company has carried out more than one hundred million transactions. The service offers three payment options: credit card, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency.

At Genesis Mining, the average profitability is 80 to 150% per year. The percentage will depend on the complexity of mining, the current rate of the digital coin and the rate chosen. As such, Genesis Mining is a proven and profitable cloud mining site. The service ensures customer safety by using two-factor authentication. The company offers good pricing plans, a convenient personal account, a choice of six common coins, and several withdrawal methods.

Benefits of Genesis mining

– The project has good functionality

– Two-factor authentication

– Friendly and responsive support

– A wide selection of crypto-currencies for mining

– Sponsorship Program

What are the best cloud mining sites?

In our best cloud mining site review, IPFS Mining Hero is in the first place, and it deserves it. It is the first legal cloud mining provider with its own data center and unique preferential conditions. Such efficiency is difficult to achieve for competitors due to their location, weather and economic conditions. Therefore, we recommend this particular provider, especially since the company offers many other investment products. Try it now!

Official site: www.imipfshero.com/

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Website: www.imipfshero.com/

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