Journalists from and Alabama Media Group win Green Eyeshade Awards and Alabama Media Group won multiple accolades at the 2022 Green Eyeshade Awards, created to honor “the best journalism in the Southeastern United States.”

The big winner of Green Eyeshade was The Tampa Bay Times, for “Poisoned”, a series on the “hellish” working conditions in a lead smelter in Florida. “This comprehensive investigation has resulted in real changes, from repaired ventilation to a fine against the company to increased monitoring of air pollution,” the award announcement said. “The public should take comfort in knowing that this Tampa Bay Times team, along with so many other tireless journalists highlighted in the awards this year, are keeping their communities informed and holding businesses and governments accountable.”

Among them, journalists from and Alabama Media Group placed first in several categories.

In the Print Dailies division, Kyle Whitmire and Connor Sheets won first place in the Politics Reporting category for all daily newspapers with “Sex, lies and the Alabama secretariat of state: The fall of John Merrill.” The story dealt with a case involving John Merrill, but also examined “the emergence of a hyper-partisan political media ecosystem, openly loyal to former President Donald Trump and supportive of America First candidates, a new set of actors looking for politicians under a new set of rules.

Also in the Print Dailies division, Dennis Pillion won first place for Consumer Reports.

In the Graphics Division, JD Crowe won first place for Newspaper Editorial Cartoons, for a body of work titled “Drawing Tough Love in a Red State”.

In the Digital Division, Ashley Remkus and Challen Stephens won first place in Public Service in Online Journalism for “Fighting Police Secrecy in Alabama.”

Additional rewards:

Remkus and Stephens’ articles on “Combating Police Secrecy in Alabama” also earned second place in Courts & the Law Reporting among all newspapers in the Print Dailies division.

“Alabamafication: Political Culture in a Deep South State” by Kyle Whitmire earned second place for Serious Commentary among all newspapers in the Print Dailies division.

Also in the print daily division, the staff shared a third place with the staff of The Hechinger Report and The Post & Courier for articles on ‘reading remedies’, dealing with problems and solutions with literacy in education.

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