Nikki Fried denounces Jeanette Nuñez and Ron DeSantis for their plan to move Cuban migrants to Delaware

Agriculture Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate Fried Nikki criticizes the lieutenant-governor. Jeannette Nunez for suggesting to the state government to transfer Cuban migrants from South Florida to the President that of Joe Biden Home state of Delaware.

Fried called Nuñez’s comments, the daughter of a Cuban exile“extremely inappropriate…cruel and evil.”

In a clip from a recent appearance on Miami’s Spanish-language radio station WURN which circulated online Saturday, Nuñez can be heard discussing her vision for undocumented immigrants in Florida and a Gov. Ron DeSantis the administration has for them.

“Where they want to end up, where they want to get to, is Florida. There’s no question about that,” she said. migration, but we have jurisdiction over the well-being of our residents, our communities, and therefore the Governor has worked with the Legislative Assembly to secure funds to ensure that people who come (here) illegally – he, again, won’t sit idly by. He won’t think, ‘What’s he going to do?’

“He’s going to send them, quite frankly, to the state of Delaware, to the state of the president.”

Fried was quick to issue a stern rebuke on Twitter.

“Extremely inappropriate words from Ron DeSantis (Lieutenant Governor),” she wrote. “Fleeing communism and tyranny to a state rich in family and culture only to be deported north by bus is cruel and wrong.

Of the approximately 2.3 million Hispanics of Cuban descent living in the United States, two-thirds resided in Florida in 2017, according to the Pew Research Center. More than half were born abroad.

Cuban Americans are most densely populated in Miami-Dade, Nuñez and Fried’s home county and the site of numerous protests over the years calling for Cuban liberation.

Last year, US representatives. Mario Diaz-Balart, Carlos Gimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar agitated the residents of calls for more action of Biden to help the Cuban people, who rose up massively to protest against the conditions on the island and the communist regime under the president Miguel Diaz-Canel.

At a press conference in November 2021 announcing a $25 million in government funding for the Miami Freedom Towera historic site known for its role in helping Cuban refugees, DeSantis criticized Biden for what he called a “pathetic” federal response and a “missed historic opportunity.”

“There have been many different hotspots over the past few decades,” he said. “But I don’t know if you’ve ever seen so much dissatisfaction come to the surface where we could really see a change and see a better future, finally, after decades of repression.”

In May of this year, the governor returned to the Miami Freedom Tower to sign legislation honoring Cubans who fled to the United States to seek the American dream and declared on November 7, the eve of the 2022 general election, “day of victims of communism.”

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