Passing trailer features Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga in Rebecca Hall’s debut film

Known for her acting work in films like Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Prestige, Rébecca Room made her directorial debut this year with the drama Who passed. Featured at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the British director’s work received acclaim at the event, and now he’s finally getting an official trailer and release date.

Who passed is based on the Nella Larsen novel of the same name from the late 1920s and follows two best friends (played by Tessa thompson and Ruth negga) who have distinct experiences with racism. The “passage” in the title refers to the fact that by being fair skinned one of them can pass for white and she decides to live in a different racial spectrum – and embrace what it means to. do it. The trailer, with its glorious black and white cinematography and 4: 3 aspect ratio, shows how the two best friends’ relationship evolves into something sinister as the race begins to play a bigger role in their changing world. .


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In an interview with the LA Times in January, Hall revealed that the story is deeply personal, as it began to unveil her biracial roots years ago, and upon reading the novel, she felt “Viscerally troubled” by the story.

“I started to think about how the racial passage is representative of the American dream, in the sense that you can make yourself and transform into something else, but also representative of the lie at the center of the American dream. , which is that you only get [participate] if your skin tone is a certain color. And as I started to think about it, I started wanting to know more and seeing how I stack up against it.

With a scenario also adapted by Hall, Who passed stars Tessa thompson, Ruth negga, André Holland, Bill Camp, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Antoinette Crowe-Heritage, and Alexandre skarsgård. The film will be released in select theaters on October 27 and will be available to stream on Netflix from November 10. Discover the trailer for Fall below.

Here is the official synopsis of Who passed:

Adapted from the famous 1929 novel of the same name by Nella Larsen, PASSING tells the story of two black women, Irene Redfield (Tessa Thompson) and Clare Kendry (Academy Award nominee Ruth Negga), who can “pass” as white but choose of live on opposite sides of the color line during the height of the Harlem Renaissance in late 1920s New York. After a chance encounter reunites old childhood friends on a summer afternoon, Irene reluctantly allows Clare to enter her home, where she introduces herself to Irene’s husband (André Holland) and her family, and soon to its wider social circle. As their lives become more and more intertwined, Irene sees her once stable existence turned upside down by Clare, and PASSING becomes a fascinating examination of the obsession, repression, and lies that people tell themselves and others. others to protect their carefully constructed realities.

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