Retired US Marshal: Migrants try to come for the American dream, but cartels make it a ‘living nightmare’

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Retired U.S. Marshal Robert Almonte described the horrors faced by migrants on their way to the U.S. southern border on Tuesday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” show, and the “canola” cartels to show their victims.

ROBERT ALMONTE: I have pictures, I sent you one of the rapeseed tree, and you have these coyotes raping young girls, teenage girls, old women. And these are brutal rapes. They beat them and then they take off their underwear and put them on a tree like a trophy tree. And it’s kind of a challenge for other coyotes to see if they can match that, so it’s brutal. We just finished our conference for the National Narcotic Officers Association Coalition here in Washington, DC, and that was the main topic. We discussed the involvement of cartels in human trafficking and also in drug trafficking.


But I have to tell you that cartels have been involved in human trafficking for quite some time. Now they are even more involved. Why? Because of influx of migrants we crossed the border. And in fact, the cartels make so much money from human trafficking than they make from human trafficking. And it is more profitable for them to be involved in human trafficking. Why? Well, when it comes to drug dealing, the cartels don’t get their money until the drugs are delivered here. With regard to human trafficking, these migrants pay cartels several thousand dollars in advance. The cartels don’t care. Migrants are apprehended at the border or they die, unfortunately, like what happened in San Antonio just a few weeks ago. The cartels do not lose sleep over it. That’s why it won’t end until we secure the border and stop these people from coming here. It’s not about people coming here. They think they’re coming here to live the American Dream, and quite frankly, for many, many of them, it’s turned out to be a nightmare – a living nightmare.


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