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On August 8, 2021, Tom Flores, the legendary Raiders head coach, was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

To celebrate his induction, the Riverside County Board of Directors officially declared August 8 Tom Flores Day. Supervisor V. Manuel Perez was the leader of Flores’ special day.

“He’s a quadruple Super Bowl champion, who created an exceptional legacy and at the same time broke many barriers and opened doors for many people. I think he is an example for a lot of people. He also worked as a farm laborer himself, his parents worked as farm laborers once they left Mexico to fulfill the American dream. I am very proud of the fact that Riverside County declared August 8th Tom Flores Day.

Like many, Supervisor Perez thought this was long overdue, as Flores broke so many barriers as the Latino starting first quarterback, Latino first head coach and first minority head coach to win a Super Bowl.

Flores’ induction speech was thoughtful, deep and made people smile.

“The reason I’m second on the show tonight is that I’m 84, I have to go to bed at nine. Where’s my pillow?

All kidding aside, trainer Tom Flores is a legend and living proof of the Mexican American dream.

“It’s a very emotional day for me. I have been fortunate to have a great life with a great life doing a job that I love with people that I love and adore. I have always been happy in the world of football. And now, because of that honor, I will be a part of it forever.

Tom Flores, Professional Football Hall of Fame member. It was time !

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