The Cases of the Falcons: A Novel About Immigration Beyond the “American Dream”

Ana Falcón, with her husband Lucho and their two young children, fled Peru’s economic and political strife to try a new life in New York in the 1990s. Being undocumented, however, drastically reduced opportunities Family: Ana is indebted to a loan shark who calls herself Mama, and is exhausted from the incessant shifts at her factory job. To make matters worse, Ana also has to contend with both criticism from Lucho’s cousin – who has made it clear the family is not welcome to stay in her spare room any longer – and the growing attention and undesirable of mom’s husband.

As the pressure mounts, Ana becomes increasingly desperate. While Lucho dreams of returning to Peru, Ana is deeply haunted by the demons she left behind and determined to persevere in this new land. But how many sacrifices is she willing to make before she admits defeat and returns to Peru? And what lines is she willing to cross to protect her family?

Winner of the 2019 New American Voices Award and a 2020 International Latin Book Award, Melissa Rivero’s debut novel, “The Affairs of The Falcons,” is a deeply urgent, beautiful novel about the lengths a woman is willing to go. to build a new life, and a vivid rendering of the American immigrant experience.

Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Brooklyn, where her parents moved in 1981 to escape violence and poverty in their homeland, Rivero is a graduate of NYU and Brooklyn Law School. She still lives in Brooklyn with her family.

In an interview with Efe, Rivero explained that it took him seven years to write this novel about an immigrant family in New York with which he pays homage to his mother.

“An immigrant’s dream is always to be able to study; I had achieved the ‘American dream‘ but it didn’t bring me happiness,” she told Efe after seeing her novel published in Spanish. (Vintage Espanol, 2022).

“Los Falcón” presents the Peruvian “world” through gastronomy, to dive into a story of survival starring “warrior women”.

“My mom, my aunts are women warriors; for me it’s important to show that in the book, that people see it,” she explained to Efe.

When he arrived in the United States, his parents had to work hard to feed their family. Her mother started working in New York-area factories and ended up working as a caregiver for the elderly.

“If you want to read about a determined, complex human being who loves his family and would do anything for them and for his dreams, then you should read this book. And then maybe think about who you end up electing,” the author told the New York Times when asked how to persuade someone to read his book.

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