The ‘Treme’ Actor Brings an Iconic Show to America

Pierce’s portrayal of protagonist Willy Lowman puts a new spin on the classic Arthur Miller story.

NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans actor Wendell Pierce brings Death of a seller on Broadway.

The award-winning show is considered by many critics to be one of the greatest plays of the 20th century.

Pierce’s portrayal of protagonist Willy Lowman puts a new spin on the classic Arthur Miller story.

“It’s definitely the role of a lifetime,” Pierce told WWL-TV. “It will be the highlight of my career.”

That’s saying a lot when you consider Pierce’s long and successful career with memorable roles in projects such as the The Wire, Treme, Suits, Chicago PD, and the Jack Ryan series.

This will be his fourth trip to Broadway.

“It’s very exciting not only to play the role, I did it in London in the West End and now to bring it to America on Broadway is going to be historic,” Pierce said.

Historic, because this production is told from the point of view of a black family living in a predominantly white world.

“The play tells how the American dream can be a failure for so many people.” said Pierce. “You put that through the prism of the African-American experience, and you realize how even more destructive it can be.”

The play is set in 1940s New York.

It is about a traveling salesman who is disappointed with his life and seems to be slipping into senility.

The play’s central themes of self-identity, unrealistic expectations and out-of-reach wealth are just as relevant today as they were 70 years ago when drama struck for the first time. first time on Broadway.

Pierce says looking Death of a seller from an African-American perspective, only adds to the challenges written in the piece.

“From despair, from denial, a loss of vision, a loss of their own individuality and then you add that to discrimination, to oppression, to racial oppression, it adds all these different variables that teach us the lesson about how a person’s life can be destroyed, and a psyche can be destroyed by this ugly side of human nature.

He predicts that the play’s revival will resonate with a wide audience.

“It speaks over time. He talks about gender. He talks about race. He speaks about the locale. If it is truthful and speaks to the human condition, its authenticity will speak to the heart of every person.

Pierce says Willy Lowman has a few things in common with another of his famous characters, near and dear to New Orleans, Antoine Batiste from the hit HBO series Treme.

“How does Willy Lowman look like Antoine Batiste? A man with a great desire and vision, who doesn’t always have the easy way to get there. Antoine had hope that Willy would lose. Willy had it at one point, but Willy lost it.

Details are still being worked out, but Pierce Death of the seller is now set to hit Broadway this fall.

Pierce also appeared on Broadway in the Bwinter oystersSserious moneyand RGulf of Adio.

He won a Tony Award for best play, as producer of Clybourne Park in 2012.

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