Watch Police Crush 1,069 Bitcoin Mining Rigs With Huge Steamroller


Authorities destroyed $ 1.25 million worth of mining rigs.

1,069 crushed mining platforms

Law enforcement officials in Malaysia seized 1,069 bitcoin mining rigs before crushing them all with a big steamroller last week.

The seizure was part of a joint operation between police in Miri Town and Sarawak Energy, an electricity utility in Malaysia, to crack down on crypto miners who stole electricity to mine Bitcoin, according to Vice. The platforms were taken by police in six separate raids that took place between February and April.

This week, they were dramatically destroyed when officials pulled them all into a parking lot at police headquarters and crushed them with a steamroller. Watch the action video below:

Cost of crypto mining

In total, authorities destroyed around $ 1.25 million in devices – and this again does not compensate for the cost of stolen energy.

In fact, Sarawak Energy claims to have lost around $ 2 million due to the theft of electricity by miners.

“The theft of electricity for Bitcoin’s mining activities has caused frequent blackouts, and in 2021 three houses were razed due to illegal connections to the electricity supply,” said Hakemal Hawari, a chief of Miri’s police, to local Malaysian newspaper The star.

Crypto mining is known for its immense energy consumption and negative environmental impact. In fact, Elon Musk claimed that this was one of the main reasons he chose to ditch Bitcoin as a payment method for Tesla in May.

READ MORE: Police destroy 1,069 Bitcoin miners with big ass steamroller in Malaysia [Vice]

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