‘WeCryptoEco’ Opens World’s Largest Solar Farm to NFT Holders

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Essex, UK, June 6, 2022, Chainwire

WeCryptoEco, the brainchild of business visionaries James Ross and Roderick Chisholm, is exploding onto the scene. Founded in 2022, WeCryptoEco, the eco-friendly crypto mining project, is changing the process by reducing the impact on the earth’s resources. At WeCryptoEco, the team is building the world’s largest solar-powered blockchain, AI, and bitcoin mining farm, instead of mining at all costs.

Environmentalists around the world are very concerned about the regular mining process. Studies show that bitcoin mining emits more than 37 megatons of carbon dioxide every year. The New Yorker reports that “according to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, bitcoin mining operations worldwide now use energy at the rate of nearly one hundred and twenty terawatt hours per year. This is the annual household electricity consumption of the entire Swedish nation. WeCryptoEco saves the day with a revolutionary process to stem the tide of destruction and depletion of earth’s resources in the name of progress.

Most importantly, in the spirit of fair play and open access, WeCrytoEco is opening its farm to NFT holders. This team of crypto kings know how difficult it is to break into the market due to high entry costs with often minimal returns. Now, WeCryptoEco offers a low entry cost option for new users to become part of the largest solar farm on the planet. By holding a WeCryptoEco NFT, holders will be rewarded with proportional returns directly from the mining farm. Moreover, using state-of-the-art technology, WeCryptoEco pays out rewards every 24 hours. Additionally, their internal portal provides real-time tracking of investments and rewards.

This gang of cyber benefactors quarrel in the Wild West thinking about bitcoin mining. Using renewable energy and a DEI roadmap, Ross and Chisholm have the solution to the growing problem. Their one-of-a-kind solar-powered bitcoin mining farm reduces emissions and ensures workflow continuity – no more worries about power grid interruptions or costly greenhouse gases.

For more information:

Visit on https://wecryptoeco.com

Join the discord on https://discord.gg/6dMXbYF8AB.

About WeCryptoEco:

Australia-based WeCryptoEco Pty Ltd was founded in 2022 and is building the world’s largest solar-powered Bitcoin mining farm. By using fundraising to scale cryptocurrency, the field will become more accessible and cheaper; WeCryptoEco Pty Ltd is ready to pioneer this next step.


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